Story Line

  • [COMIC] Volume 5

  • [COMIC] Volume 3

  • [COMIC] Volume 4

  • Episode 4: Atlaspolis

    Amongst the hustle and bustle of the dimly lit bar stood a man that Vlad knew all too well - it was the fabled General Ivan, one of Russia's pioneering cosmonauts who had mysteriously vanished while undertaking a solo mission during the early days of the space program.  Everyone had assumed tha... View Post
  • Episode 3: The Unfamiliar Coordinates

    While on what had been a rather uneventful spacewalk, Vlad stumbled across a field of hundreds of floating objects. Intrigued, he reached out for one of the objects and inspected it closely. He was surprised to find that it looked almost identical to the type of aluminium cans that humans on Ear... View Post
  • Episode 2: The Most Advanced Planet

    . Vlad continued his journey as he successfully completed one mission after the other with his new alien acquaintances. But the enemies or tasks he encountered grew harder and harder to overcome, some of which even came close to ending his journey. This opened his eyes to see the potential of be... View Post