• Vex & Dex Mini Figurine Series 2

Vex & Dex Mini Figurine Series 2

Vextor & Dextor, usually referred to simply as the Vex & Dex are the evil, greedy, and wealthy supplier of carbon rocks used as fuel for everyday flying vehicles in space.


Vex & Dex are two headed mutant twins who were born with one body. Their late father was the ruler of planet Messer, which now has also fallen under their control.


They are highly trained in combat and are notoriously famous for having criminals as accomplices, getting into shady deals to control and grow their empire.


Each figurine is hand painted and unique in it’s own way. Collect the whole series now. Made from resin, ADULT ART COLLECTIBLE - THIS IS NOT A TOY, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE TO CHILDREN.