• Upgraded Rocket Ship Mini Figurine Series 2

Upgraded Rocket Ship Mini Figurine Series 2

Vlad’s very own modified rocket ship. This was the same rocket ship that launched him to space. In his continued journey, he successfuly completes one mission after the other with his new alien acquaintances. But the enemies or tasks he encountered grew harder and harder to overcome. This opened Vlad’s eyes to see the potential of better technology and weapons that could be brought onboard and equipped on his spaceship.


After making the neccesary modifications, his spaceship now has additional thrusters that allows him to reach maximum warp speed while keeping it’s armory at its finest.


Each figurine is hand painted and unique in it’s own way. Collect the whole series now. Made from resin, ADULT ART COLLECTIBLE - THIS IS NOT A TOY, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE TO CHILDREN.