Episode 4: Atlaspolis

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the dimly lit bar stood a man that Vlad knew all too well - it was the fabled General Ivan, one of Russia's pioneering cosmonauts who had mysteriously vanished while undertaking a solo mission during the early days of the space program. 
Everyone had assumed that he had perished in space, but Vlad was stunned to see him alive and well. He immediately introduced himself to his fellow comrade and the two Earthlings struck up a fast friendship as they shared stories of their incredible space adventures with each other.
General Ivan explained to Vlad that they were currently located in AtlasPolis, the largest and most densely populated city in the galaxy. 
Touched by the younger cosmonaut's story and instilled with a sense that perhaps fate brought the two of them together to find a way back to Earth, General Ivan offered to give Vlad temporary room and board under the condition that Vlad entered his employment as one of his bounty hunters. 
However, he warned him that hunting down dangerous alien criminals was not for the fainthearted.
General Ivan was pleased when Vlad heartily accepted, and suggested that his new employee take some time to explore AtlasPolis first before rendezvousing later at the General's residence for his first assignment. 
Vlad left the bar and walked out into the crowded streets, his grumbling, empty stomach eager to try what kind of food delicacies the sprawling megacity had to offer.