Episode 3: The Unfamiliar Coordinates

While on what had been a rather uneventful spacewalk, Vlad stumbled across a field of hundreds of floating objects. Intrigued, he reached out for one of the objects and inspected it closely. He was surprised to find that it looked almost identical to the type of aluminium cans that humans on Earth would chug their soft drinks from. Printed on the bottom of the can was a set of unfamiliar coordinates.
Being the ever curious explorer that he was, Vlad immediately returned to his spaceship, input the coordinates into the navigation system and jet off towards it.
The coordinates led Vlad to what looked like a convenience store. Aisles upon aisles of outlandish looking snacks greeted him as he walked through the automatic sliding doors. 
At the very back of the store stood a large and ominous looking portal, guarded by an equally large and ominous looking bouncer. Vlad attempted to approach the portal, but he was halted by the bouncer's outstretched arm. Confused as to why the bouncer refused him, he observed as other aliens were permitted entry into the portal and quickly noticed that they were each holding a can of Slick Soda in their hands. It was the same drink he had found floating in space! 
He quickly grabbed his own can of Slick Soda and returned to the portal, where the bouncer happily allowed him to pass.
Filled with excitement, Vlad stepped through the portal and felt a peculiar pulling sensation as he stepped out the other side and found himself standing in the middle of a crowded bar, packed with space travellers from every corner of the galaxy. It was then that his eyes landed on a familiar face...