• Limited Edition #02: Claw Machine

  • Cosmonauts 2nd Launch at PIM 2

  • Limited Edition #01 : Fantastic Space

    Our limited edition Fantastic Space box was designed to resemble the packaging that toys often come in. As a child who dreamt of travelling into space, Vlad crafted many of his own rocket blueprints and prototypes. Grab your own Fantastic Space box to take a peek into his mind! . . . . . . ... View Post
  • The Space Kit

    Have you gotten your own space kit yet? By purchasing any of our tees and caps, you can get this box delivered to your location and receive a Cosmonauts certificate with your name written on it, VIP card, 1st Expedition look-book, Vlad with his alien friends postcard and 3 random space stickers ... View Post
  • Cosmonauts 1st Launch at Indonesia Comic Con 2017

    We are thrilled to have finally launched Cosmonauts at Indonesia Comic Con. Thank you all space travellers for coming to our booth. Here are some pics to show you some highlights during our event! . . . . . . See you guys on the next event! #weareCOSMONAUTS View Post